Mavas d.o.o, Mrkonjić Grad is a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina based in Mrkonjić Grad, founded in 2010. years, energy, strength, ideas and vision of the Stojicic family, with the goal of being one of the leading companies in Balkans. Through education, training, innovation and participation of all employees in the company, a company was created that is became recognizable by its way of working.

The main activity of our company is the installation and installation of various types of sports surfaces, for outdoor and indoor courts as well as complete equipping of sports fields with accompanying equipment.

In addition to the installation and installation of various types of sports surfaces in our factory, we are also engaged in production complete sports furniture (goals, baskets, assembly and disassembly stands, houses for reserve players, fencing of sports fields, street workout, brushes for fields with artificial grass, flagpoles, etc ..)

Also, since 2014, we have started with the production of children's oak playgrounds, which we are especially interested in proud. With creations, ideas, materials and everything that adorns children's playgrounds, we beautify and make life happy every day. children!

About the quality of the installed terrains by our company speaks over 400 000m2 under artificial grass, 1500 various sports constructions and over 100 built-in oak playgrounds. In addition, we are determined to provide the best services to our clients with high competencies but also getting in consideration of health and safety of the environment.

Our mission is to do all high quality projects in the shortest possible time in cooperation with ours clients.

  • Planning and consulting
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Construction work
  • Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Terrain service
Do you have any initial idea or idea, what your playground should look like?

Let us know and we will be happy to help you turn your ideas into a concrete project!

We will create a detailed plan and specification of all materials and services that we can implement, to make it final the result was exactly what you need within your budget in the best way possible!

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Mavas - o nama

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